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Project evaluations are an essential tool for organizations seeking to improve their project outcomes. Evaluation reports aim to provide actionable information about the initiatives, increase transparency and accountability, and help leaders make evidence-based decisions.

At Action Potential, we implement formative and summative approaches to evaluations. Formative evaluations assess how the project is carried out, help determine its strengths and weaknesses, and provide an opportunity to incorporate feedback into the ongoing project. Summative evaluations occur at the end of the project, examine the project outcomes and provide an overall description of the project’s effectiveness.  They help answer the following questions:

  •   Were the project objectives met?

  •   What is the overall impact on the target group?

  •   Will the project need to be modified in the future?

Each evaluation is tailored to meet the organization’s unique needs, employing one or more evaluation services described below.

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Evaluation Planning

Evaluation Planning

We work with you to develop a roadmap that describes how the project will be monitored and evaluated, linking your project goals and activities to measurable outcomes.

Data Collection

Data Collection

We develop and implement a process for gathering information to help you answer questions about your project. This includes creating or identifying evaluation instruments, designing sampling plans, and collecting qualitative and quantitative data through observations, interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

We employ statistical and qualitative techniques to analyze information and look for patterns in the data, so you can understand and effectively use it to make the necessary adjustments and meet the project objectives.

Reports & Presentations

Reports and Presentations

We tailor reports and presentations to your needs, so you can effectively communicate the evaluation results to the target audience.

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